Accuracy and care

We guarantee the complete safety of your belongings and cargo. We will pack each transported item before transportation and unpack afterwards.

Professional drivers

Our drivers have vast experience in transportation and will always help even with the most difficult transportation.

Acceptable prices

Our prices don't bite. You can find our price list in the section Prices.

Cargo transportation and moving in Wroclaw Nadia

If you are planning to move to Wroclaw, entrust this task to specialists. We take on all the responsibilities for lifting items, loading, transporting and unloading them at their destination. We have vehicles adapted to transport even bulky items, and a team of experienced employees who will take comprehensive care of your property.

Nadia is a transport company in Wroclaw that provides its services not only to individual clients, but also to companies and government agencies. Our priority is customer satisfaction, which is directly influenced by the promptness and safety of the transported items. Just contact us to get a quote for moving or transporting goods in Wroclaw!

Transport services Wroclaw

By using our services, you will receive safe and professional transport and move coordination in Wroclaw. You don't need to carry things yourself or rent a car to move them to a new address. You will get all this from us! We are engaged not only in the traditional relocation of apartments or houses, but also in the transportation of furniture and antiques. Our employees have many years of experience in organizing even very large transfers, so you can be sure that all items will be delivered to the specified address safe and sound, regardless of their weight, size and shape.

The key aspect for us is the safety of the transported items. All things are securely fastened so as not to damage them during transportation or handling.

We also provide relocation services in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship from Wroclaw to the following cities:

  • Walbrzych
  • Legnica
  • Jelenia Gora
  • Lupine
  • Glogov
  • Swidnica
  • Boleslawiec
  • Olesnitsa
  • Olava
  • Dzierzoniow

We have our own vehicle fleet, equipped with fully serviceable vehicles with professional drivers.

The customer can order the following types of trucks:

We take care of the safety of the cargo. Careful cargo transportation is guaranteed. We fasten all loads with soft blankets and lashing straps. We have trolleys for transporting boxes, furniture, belts for carrying heavy things.

Loading and transportation of goods

Our professional transport team has the necessary auxiliary equipment for the removal of furniture, such as seat belts, transport trolleys. First of all, we take from the apartment what is first loaded into the car.

First, the overall furniture is removed, then the kitchen and upholstered furniture, and only then things and boxes. The vehicles of the transport company are equipped with special handles that prevent the load from shifting during transportation. Experienced drivers choose the best driving route avoiding traffic jams.

Unloading and bringing in things and furniture, assembling and disassembling if necessary

Unloading furniture to a new apartment is also one of the most important stages of moving, we move furniture in such a way that it will not be damaged. Our experienced staff are capable of transporting furniture and other bulky items up stairs and narrow corridors in difficult conditions. We place furniture in the apartment in the place specified by the customer, furniture assembly. We take out the elements of protection and packaging in the trash.

Complex removals in Wroclaw

We offer comprehensive services that will make the entire removal process easy for you. Our cars are in perfect technical condition, so you can be sure that no matter how many trips it takes, your belongings will always be delivered safe and sound.

We understand that moving is a big logistical task that requires the coordination of many activities in a relatively short time. As a professional company, we guarantee punctuality and complete satisfaction with our services, whether you need to transport an antique wardrobe, a server, a large TV or a double bed. At every stage of the move, you will receive the full support and assistance of experienced staff.

First of all, attention to even the smallest details. We understand how valuable it is to furnish an apartment, house or office. Although we act quickly, we adhere to the highest work standards and safety regulations. As professionals, we will take on any, even the most demanding, orders. We are available and flexible. No matter when you need to move your belongings, we will adapt to it. You can count on us in any situation.

If you have any questions related to the removal, please contact our consultants. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information on each stage of the transportation of property. In addition, we will quote the shipping of non-standard items free of charge. Do you want to know more? Use the contact form, email us or just give us a call. We will immediately agree on everything and get to work.

Our prices

Transportation Econom

A car with a driver (the driver installs furniture, puts things in the car and secures them). 90 PLN per hour (minimum charge for two hours).

180,00 PLN

Transportation Middle

Moving within the borders of Wroclaw (car + driver). 130 PLN per hour (minimum charge for an hour and a half).

195.00 PLN

Transportation Full

Transfer within the borders of Wroclaw (car + four porters). 240 PLN per hour (minimum charge for an hour and a half).

360,00 PLN

Transportation Upper middle

Moving to Wroclaw (car + two porters). 160 PLN per hour (minimum charge for an hour and a half).

240.00 PLN

You can find the full price list by following the link:

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